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Les Voiles de St Tropez

There are opportunities that we get, potentially once in a lifetime and this year, with my new found love of photography I have been lucky to have had a few of them. But, the opportunity to assist a photographer on a 3 day shoot, in the beautiful surrounds of Saint Tropez has to be a highlight and will definitely be an experience I know I may not ever get again.

A mixture of photographing from a comfy medium size speedboat and then in a much smaller speedboat, in calm and rather less calm waters, and being as close to the magnificent boats and yachts as you could get without being on them was inspiring. Protecting the camera, taking the shots, juggling the lenses and wiping the cameras down may sound dull, but it certainly was not. At times, the feeling of being surrounded by all the racing boats was just magical and at others protecting myself from the waves and spray was the only priority.

As well as the magical shoots, I also got to see how the shoot was structured, how to carefully manouver when required to get the right boat and work with the conditions and then how sometimes waiting, for the right weather conditions was the most frustrating, yet most exhilarating part of the day when it all paid off.

One of the best parts of the trip was seeing the excitement in the photographers eyes after finally making it up in the helicopter to shoot over the race, after a day of possibly not being able to go up and get the shots.

I feel very priveledged to have had this insight and to have seen a professional at work.

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