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White horses of the Camargue

Over the last 2 years I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to develop my photography and along the way, learn from one of the best professional photographers.

Jonathan Chritchley has been running workshops since 2007 and I first discovered a new found love of photography during a workshop in France at the end of 2009. Last year I was lucky enough to spend my birthday photographing and assisting Jonathan on location with the amazing sailboats in Voiles de St Tropez and this year the opportunity arose to combine landscape and wildlife, in the Camargue, photographing the wild horses. I profess I am not a horse lover specifically, but I do love animals and wildlife and I was looking forward to the experience of combining landscape, which is my passion, with the more lively wildlife genre.

What I didn't realise was what an exclusive and special experience it would be for the group of 12 of us. Every photographer wants to take a good photograph, and have great conditions and excellent light, but there is also a lot to be said for taking a deep breath and enjoying the moment. Feeling the experience and hopefully reflect this in the resulting photographs.

I had the most fabulous 3 days in the Camargue and I can only hope that my photos try to do it some justice. France and photography is most definitely under my skin. :-)