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Photography mentoring

Over the last few years I have become more and more entranced by taking photos. Slowly it has moved from something I wanted to do because of my travel, to something that I just want to do. I think I have been searching for a while for a new direction and a new goal and I have never had a job that I was passionate about, so with this in the back of my mind I have made a few decisions about where I will try and take my photography journey over the next few years.

The first decision is around the commencement of a mentoring program. I have undertaken a number of workshops as you know, over the last few years, and already feel like I have a mentor in this person. The opportunity to undertake a format 6 month distance mentoring program with Jonathan Chritchley was just too good a chance to miss, so I applied and was successful. The journey began last month, and I have to say, it is already stretching me. Not just in the sense of the tasks and projects, but in my own self belief. It is amazing and it is hard and I will have a lot of self doubt along the way, but hopefully in July I will also be on the way to being a better and stronger photographer. Stay tuned for my monthly updates on the program progress...