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Mentoring update

Three years ago, I had just bought my new Canon 400D and had travelled from Australia to embark on the start of an 18 month working holiday in the UK. The camera mainly stayed in my bag for the first 6 months of my trip, until a chance booking on an Ocean Capture photo tour in France bought digital to life. Nearly 2 years later, rich with workshop knowledge, new friends and contacts, and a growing passion for photography, I decided to embark on the 6 month mentoring program, at the time to improve my skills. What happened, was a complete surprise to me (and many others).

6 months later, I have moved house (with a second move in the planning) to be closer to the landscape that inspires me to photograph. I have left a well paid, permanent job, in favour of short term contracts and I am currently grappling with the discipline and mental challenge, technical attention to detail and the logistics of making this a long term change as a photographer in training.

If you are wondering whether a mentoring program can be personalised. Yes it can. If you are wondering if it can change your life. Yes it can. If you are wondering whether it is hard work....absolutely. If you are wondering whether I can be successful...stay tuned!