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Zanzibar and Tanzania

Africa has held a captivating quality for me, since my first visit to Botswana and South Africa in 2004. 7 years later, and I was lucky enough to make a return visit, this time to the magical Tanzania, including the Serengeti and Zanzibar island. My 12th Ocean Capture trip, after an 18 month wait, despite my now frantic job searching status, this trip was worth every penny and every day. The warm tropical days, the fabulous food, company and of course the magical locations. I could quite easily sit on a game vehicle with the wind blowing and the landscape in front of me like an open coffee table book for weeks, but the 2 fleeting days of this had to be enough. The wildlife is always a magical part of Africa, but the additional awewsome landscape and skies started the trip off perfectly. A chartered flight over Tanzania then took us to Zanzibar, where spices, dhows and the indian ocean took over the senses for the rest of the week. I now have the fabulous task of processing my photos, I can't wait and already have a few to put up on the website, there are a few to work through though, so stay tuned.