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Zanzibar Life

I have just completed a series of images of Zanzibar island. This special project was inspired by a task set by Outdoor Photography, to depict travel photography. My initial thought was to do something that contrasted the cold of Greenland with the warmth of Zanzibar, but as the preparation evolved, it felt better to stick with the one theme. I will be putting the images up as a small special set on the website in the coming weeks. I will also be submitting them to Outdoor Photography magazine, just on the off chance that they spark some interest, especially in this current cold winter spell.

One of the parts that I enjoyed most about the preparation was putting the images together, in a display set to see how/if they worked as a set. It really helped with image selection and also helped me make decisions about whether the colour mix was right or not. It also uncovered one of my new favourite shots of Zanzibar, the feature shot of a Dhow in the setting sun!! It was great fun putting it all together anyway. I have posted the set image as a little bit of a taste tester...stay tuned for the profile very soon.