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Looking back

Photography encourages you to look forward all the time. I like this. Planning new locations, envisaging new shots, checking weather forecasts (ok slightly obsessed by them now), and all those things that come with trying to 'be in the right place at the right time'.

The other element I enjoy is looking back. I have spent a few hours this morning, selecting some images to submit to the Take a view photography comp. I have wanted to enter this now for a few years, but haven't felt I have had a body of work to hold up to the great entries it receives. This year however, I decided to take my first attempt, with a selection of 7 images from my local area and around and about England, all taken in the last 6 months.

I have 2 clear stand-out favourites from this time of shooting, one colour and one black and white. Interestingly they are not always the favourites of others, such is the nature of photography. I hope that at least the 7 I have picked to submit for consideration, are a good representation of my last year, and where I am currently at with my photography.

It is such a great journey I have been on, and have had the opportunity to visit so many amazing places along the way and photograph them.
I think I will always be a 'looking forward' kind of person - but it is nice to take a moment and reflect every now and then..