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Dungeness and Looking forward to 2013

My final trip for the year, was to the East of England to a place called Dungeness. It hadn't been on the plan, for a big year which included Ocean Capture adventures in the Solent, France and Iceland, but after reading an article on Jonathan's visit to Dungeness for the Black and White Photography magazine, I decided on the spur of the moment to book up the weekend trip. The attraction, was the challenge of shooting something just a little different. While still a 'coastal' location, the lighthouse and the vast expanses of what was icy land, with scattered boats in different states of disrepair, intruiged me when I read the article and I thought it might be a nice way to finish off my great 2012. I wasn't dissapointed, the location provided challenges in seeing the raw beauty and over the course of the 4 shoots I felt I got to know it a bit better each time.

I will be presenting some images from the Dungeness weekend soon, which reflect how the location felt and what my interpretation was (a task we were set on the workshop).
What I really enjoyed was also trialling a few different lenses and cameras, with macros, long exposure and infrared all getting a trial over the course of the 3 days. It was a great trip and I look forward to presenting some of my images.

One of the other things that the trip triggered was thoughts of next year. I am still super super motivated to keep going and getting better and while I would dearly love to find an income stream, I am also aware of not losing the love, so I am trying to plan a 2013 that has balance and fun. There are a few plans on the horizon which I will tell you more about as the year progesses and a few things up my sleeve that I am hoping to work on. Whatever happens, I hope to continue to visit amazing locations and enjoy the time I have behind my camera.