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What's next?

Its coming up for 5 years since I started my new photography journey. What started as a desire to work in another country and 'see the world' has taken me down a path I could not have envisaged. As I say in my photography profile, I have always enjoyed photography. I still remember vividly walking around the streets of Adelaide, with a film camera, trying out the effects of different filters for a darkroom processing course that I was doing at the time. It will be of no surprise to anyone though, that its the opportunity to see and photograph different landscapes, in different countries and conditions that has got me hooked. This year has been a slower one on the travel side as I knuckle down to some full-time work and regular paycheck to refuel the coffers, but I have tried to do more of my own learning and experimenting throughout the year.

I have pushed myself to do things that I was previously unsure I could do and I have been planning (in true Furber style...)for the longer term. In November I will be extremely lucky to return to Africa, for my one and only Ocean Capture this year, but what a trip to wait for. I fell in love with Africa the first time I went over on safari back in 2004. Now, this is my third visit after an amazing adventure to Zanzibar in 2011, I feel more ready than ever to tackle it photographically and more ready than ever to have another 'once in a lifetime' experience.

One of my followers, who found me through the Australian Photography magazine, earlier in the year picked this image as a favourite. Its not been a feature image of mine, but in many ways it embodies all that I love about Africa. I hope to capture a few more of the grace and beauty of the african landscape. This time around, I will also have an infrared camera in my kit bag as well! Roll on November!